Spitfire | Incink Records | Exclusive Interview with Amir

Posted on 02/05/2021

Radio Maxx is chuffed to have with us the writer behind the “Asli Hip Hop” hook from the movie Gully boy, a young rapper from a small-town in Madhya Pradesh whose verses set the Ranveer Singh starrer aflame.

This young talented poet & rapper, has just released his second EP Partein in January this year through Ranveer Singh’s Record Label Incink Records. And the song ‘Zalzala’🌋 from this EP has been 🌪️ storming the Radio Maxx Charts ever since💯

He has been nicknamed ‘the boy with a pen and paper’🖋️ by Tedx India, and to his friends around him as Little Ghalib: a poet whose words penetrate through you, surpassing time and trend.

And here at Radio Maxx all we can say is,  ‘’Yeh ladka liktha hai sick gaane...’’.🤘

Ladies & gentlemen, watch our exclusive interview with Nitin Mishra aka Spitfire! 🔥🔥